• July 7, 2022 1:04 am
  • Massachusetts, United States

We started out with a mature sandy buck and doe. they are both 4h tatooed. weigh around 20 lbs. we have 5  six week old sandy  kits. also have a 4 month old sandy doe, an 8 month old sandy doe, a 18 month old sandy doe(unrelated to any others). we have the original buck and doe . a they are both over 3 years old now. all for sale, docile, healthy, pet and show quality animals. We are moving and need to find someone who will care for them well , and maybe bring this breed to their area. we use large dog cages with wire hardware trays under on saw horses. they eat a lot of hay pellets, greens, treats. (love carrots) rabbits can never get enough exercise. or love.               will discount if sold in pairs, does are 75 and bucks 60


church street ,01340,Massachusetts,United States

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