• September 29, 2022 12:37 pm
  • Tennessee, United States
Meet Lila! She was going to be part of our breeding stock, but we are deciding to find her a new rabbitry so we can branch out to different colors. She is looking for a new home due to no fault of her own. She was born 12/11/21. We have not bred her yet so she is unproven, but she has a nice pedigree and ear tattoo (her ear tattoo is getting faded so it will need to be redone if you plan on showing, we do not do ear tattoos here) and is a beautiful Blue Otter. We wouldn’t recommend getting her as a pet due to the fact that she is very shy and doesn’t like to be held. She is not aggressive, just shy. Contact us today for more info on Lila! She could make a great addition to your Rabbitry.
Her Dad was a Blue VM Holland Lop and her mother was a Blue Otter Holland Lop
Note: We did not breed Lila at our rabbitry, we got her and her mother together and we are finding her a new home so we can have more cage space and different colors.

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