Sold Out
  • December 10, 2022 12:02 am
  • California, United States

Meet Star & Halley. They’re the sweetest and softest little Opal Holland Lop sisters! They are a wonderful combination of entertaining (they do the wildest binkies!) and sweet.

Halley and Star were raised indoors and were litter box trained. They’re currently living outside in our outdoor covered barn to make room for new litters. They live in a large custom made two story hutch fully enclosed and insulated on the second floor with access to the ground and room to hop on the bottom floor. They still have a litter box they use. They also have free play in the large run outdoors. They have nice warm winter coats but we do hope they’ll be adopted to a family that will keep them indoors where they’ll get lots of attention!


  • Three Months Old
  • Litter Box Trained
  • VM & VC Opal Holland Lops
  • Grown Up Around Dogs & Cats (kept seperately)
  • Super Playful
  • Super Friendly

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