• April 26, 2023 1:11 am
  • New York, United States

Beautiful bunnies of the rare Sable Point variety.  All three are being retired from the breeding herd as the next generation takes over.  The ladies have a mutation which results in thinner paw fur, making them look like they have little toe-beans like a cat.  They will require homes that are able to provide smooth flooring and regular foot checks.  All are very friendly and outgoing with their own special personalities.

-Lavendar (GV9) Doe (DOB 11/6/2021): Very wide doe that only lacks in enough depth to balance it. Good colour, compact type, ARBA Registered. Will do anything for a head rub and enjoys hanging around on people’s laps. Inherited her mother’s cat-paw feet and needs smooth flooring. $80

-Vinca (GU2) Doe (DOB 7/16/2019): Good colour, compact type, ARBA Registered. Spunky little girl with a love for attention. Requires special care for her cat-paw feet with smooth flooring. $80

-Coleus (GV6) Buck (DOB 3/8/2021): Good colour, compact type, good slope, ARBA Registered. Loves exploring and getting head rubs. $70

Email me for any questions or to set up a time to meet them.  Pick up at our location only.  For our younger rabbits, visit our website at JustFurFunBunnitry.vpweb.com


2min from Canandaigua TractorSupply,14424,New York,United States

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