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Breed Description:

Tan rabbits are medium-sized, weighing between 5 and 7 pounds when fully grown. They have a compact, muscular body and strong hind legs, making them excellent jumpers and runners.

The Tan Rabbit has a short, dense coat that is easy to care for. They are known for being calm and gentle, making them a popular choice for families with children. They are also intelligent and curious, which can make them entertaining pets.

Despite their gentle nature, Tan rabbits can be shy and timid, so it is important to socialize them from a young age. They also need plenty of space to run and play, so a large, secure enclosure is necessary to keep them happy and healthy.

Overall, the Tan Rabbit is a beautiful and loving breed that makes a great pet for families and individuals looking for a calm, gentle companion. They are easy to care for and make great companions for those who can provide them with the necessary space, nutrition, and socialization they need to thrive.

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