• November 22, 2022 6:10 pm
  • Florida, United States

She’s very sweet and loves to be held, she needs to be left alone her first day in her new home otherwise she will be very scared. She’s healthy but I don’t have enough money for her anymore I already have to many animals. Her name is Minnie, but you can change it of course. She needs a big space to run and jump high. I gave her my room, no bunny should be caged more than 30 minutes it can cause them to have behavioral issues. She eats regular adult rabbit food and need lots of timothy hay and a large bowl of water. She is currently being litter box trained and needs a soft space to go to the bathroom. Other than that she is very nice and I’m sure she would love a friend! Her and my guinea pig get along very well.


32301,Florida,United States

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