• April 22, 2023 4:06 pm
  • Illinois, United States

Carmen is a people-rabbit! She loves attention from humans and would be very happy in a single-rabbit home. She is friendly towards other rabbits and would likely be friendly toward cats and other house pets too. She is still young (about 10 months-1 year old) and is not yet fixed. Her dilute colors appear to be the result of a professional breeder since the colors are recessive.
Carmen knows her name, and loves to play and run around the house doing zoomies! She is a perfectly potty-trained princess almost all of the time, the only exception is when there are other rabbits around there becomes territorial marking due to her not being spayed. She does not do this when other rabbits are not around. This behavior goes away when rabbits are fixed or when they reach about 1.5-2 years old.
She really enjoys being pet and will lay down and back up into you for more pets, with tooth purrs aplenty.  She will follow you around the house and is perfectly happy as long as someone is around to pet her and talk to her, she can keep herself entertained. She is truly a ray of sunshine and brings tons of joy wherever she is! She is very smart and could easily learn tricks!
*Please note that Carmen is only available for adoption as a free-range house rabbit in a cage-free environment. We use baby gates to separate rooms that bunnies are not allowed in.
If you would like her to be spayed prior to adoption please advise. She is very small so the surgery is not recommended.


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