• March 30, 2023 6:36 am
  • Maryland, United States

Looking for a good home to two pet rabbits, bonded pair, a mom (1yr old holland lop Siamese doe) and her daughter (7month holland lop/Netherland dwarf mix). The site wouldn’t let me upload pics of them but I can send them via text/ email if requested.

They’re very sweet and friendly and do well with free roaming outside of their enclosure. They are mostly potty trained to their litter box with a few small droppings inside their xpen outside of the litter box ( spaying will help with complete training due to territorial marking).

I really hate to give them up or surrender them to a shelter  but I am severely allergic to them and their hay and will be traveling very frequently this year. They will come with x-pen enclosure ( their “cage”), food to start ( Timothy hay and mannapro pellets, treats) some chew and enrichment toys, carrier, bed, wooden hidey house, water dispenser/ food tray and a hooded litter box.Please let me know if you have any questions or if you or anyone you know is interested. Thank you!


20602,Maryland,United States

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