• December 17, 2023 11:23 pm
  • Ohio, United States

Attention Breeders!! Introducing Honey (Doe) and Bentley (Buck)!  They are 8 months old and ready for breeding!  Each were picked from distance litters for breeding – Honey is from Muskegon, Michigan, and Bentley is from Wellington, Ohio.  They are both VERY sweet and docile, health, easy to handle, litter box trained, and affectionate.  They are very similar in color – Cream and Blue, and would have adorable kits!  I posted a baby picture of each of them to give an idea of what their litter of kits would look like.  We had planned to breed them, so we carefully planned where we purchased them and then raised them with love, however, we are moving and cannot take them with us.  All of their supplies are included:  1 hutch (for Doe when she has her kits), 2 cages, and all accessories, food, hay, pellets for litter boxes, and a pet carrier.  We would love to provide them to a breeder looking for new litter choices, but we would consider separating them, if necessary.  If they breed at the end of December, the babies/kits will be weaned and ready for sale for Easter, March 31, 2024!  Contact us about these adorable bunnies, today!


43616,Ohio,United States

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