• March 30, 2024 5:45 pm
  • California, United States

We have newborn bunnies available to go home soon!
*Note, all the photos in the ad are from the previous litter*
Please note due to environmental concerns and bio-security measures pertaining to RHDv2 (Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease) we will be temporarily suspending visitations until the day you pickup your bunny (Bunny Selections are made via photos and videos upon request)
New litter born! We have bunnies available all year long. Please DM on Instagram for current availability (Prices do vary based on gender, color, type, and the individual bunny Please send us a message on instagram ~ sunnysocalbunnies) for the quickest response with ‘real-time’ updates. Some of our colors include: harlequin, magpie, chocolate agouti, black tort, blue tort, lilac, opal, chocolate point, cream, vienna marked otter, vienna marked tort, torted otters, black, chocolate chin, chocolate harlequin, tri colors, and more! We also have links to Southern California exotic vets who can safely spay/neuter bunnies. References available upon request.
*Update ~ we have several litters planned to birth this month and these babies will be available this year. We have two litters in particular who will be available for 4h & FFA students. Lines consisting of: Bloinks, Laplops, Sunsets, Diegels, DTLs, Luv Lops, Muddy Creeks, SAS, Critter Co-op, Schwandts, and more. All litters will make wonderful pets regardless of lineage.
We take waiting lists for our bunnies to ensure that adopting a bunny from us is not an impulsive act, rather a well thought out and prepared decision. We don’t accept monies for unborn or underage bunnies. We accept a small fee in order to be placed on our priority waiting list which allows first opportunity to reserve one of the newly born babies when they reach appropriate age to determine gender (which is around 6 weeks of age The waiting list fee will get applied to the purchase price of the selected bunny. We accept deposits through secure portals like PayPal (which offers buyer protection and 180 days to dispute the transaction if you are not satisfied We operate a limited rabbitry to ensure all our animals get proper socialization and care. We run our rabbitry with two main factors (our show and our color projects Pricing is dependent on three main factors; show (FFA & 4H discounts available color projects, and pet homes. In the event no litters are produced or if we are unable to match you with the preferred gender/color requests, then your deposit may be refunded to you (as disclosed on our website
We are Rabbit enthusiasts and we focus on health, structure, and temperament. We have bred and shown off and on rabbits since 1996. In addition to being an experienced breeder we have also worked with some of the top veterinarians in Southern California! Getting a rabbit from us means you are now part of our family and we want to stay connected with you. We will always accept our bunnies back in to our home if you are no longer able to keep your pet. We are committed to each bunny that leaves our home for their entire life. Since I have previously worked in the veterinarian field I can first hand attest to shelter overpopulation which is why we will never allow our bunnies to be sent into rescue – you can always feel comfortable reaching out to us for any reason and we will do our best to assist you. With that being said, we are accepting deposits for our baby bunnies to approved homes. Our bunnies will come with their pedigree/birth certificate, literature on the care and dietary needs of your new bunny, we also provide a sample of their diet for transitional purposes, toys, grooming items, and a limited health warranty. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to us. For the quickest response please DM on instagram at [ SunnySoCalBunnies ] or follow us on Facebook at SunnySoCalBunnies and be sure to visit our website for more details: www.sunnysocalbunnies.com
We are proud members of: ARBA, NALRC, HLRSC, and we are a registered rabbitry.
Questions? Email us today! We are eager to speak with you today!

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