• August 28, 2023 9:27 pm
  • Texas, United States

Well to be honest I got this rabbit for my child, he was kind and sweet at first didn’t mind being picked up, and petted but though-out time they lost interest in him and he started being mean like grunting whenever they tried to pet him and getting upset when they tried to hold him bc they wasn’t giving him affection and or paying him any mind, but overall he still likes being around people and he likes being hand fed vegetables and fruits. I just wish he could get the attention he deserves which would definitely adjust his attitude and he has never bit them or harmed them, he’s not a mean spirited bunny just misguided and the price is negotiable I can lower the price. He cost us $250 from pet store. We’re selling him for $150 but we’re willing to lower price. Price is negotiable

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