• January 9, 2023 5:38 pm
  • North Carolina, United States

Rehoming my Holland Lop. Her name is Flower and she is 5 months old. She is friendly, calm, and curious, has never bitten me, and enjoys hanging out and being around me. She does great with my Golden Retriever (ignores him really), but she and my other rabbits are not getting along. She enjoys sitting in my arms and will be content there for an hour or two, enjoying pets and kisses, and usually falls asleep with lots of purring. She is very squirmy when picking up, so I suggest doing the towel burrito wrap when lifting her to your lap or she will jump and/or her nails will accidentally get you. She also likes to be on my pillows when I read in bed. She is potty trained in a litter box with pelleted paper litter. Very few accidents. She eats hay and pellets. She loves greens and treats. She free roams between 2 rooms. My other rabbits bit her on the ear, but it’s almost healed. I had the vet look at it and she was not worried about it and said it will heal nicely. The vet also said her teeth look great. She is about 3.5 pounds and will get to about 4 pounds. I don’t recommend her for young children because of the care it takes to pick her up. She is not spayed. I will also provide some transition food. I am in Huntersville in Charlotte, NC.

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