• January 30, 2023 2:09 am
  • Texas, United States

Unfortunately, due to our schedule that involves a lot of traveling, we can no longer take care of our buns the way they deserve.

They are both Holland Lops and just turned one in October 2022.  They are both litter-trained. The gray one is a male and he’s neutered.  The brown one is a female and she is spayed.  The gray one loves to do parkour and likes to keep to himself or will ask for pets.  The brown one loves to give kisses, does the fastest zoomies, and loves to eat (also a fast eater).  She’s also very smart.

We will not separate them since they are bonded, they love each other so much that they won’t live for long if they’re separated from their bond one so they must go to a new loving home TOGETHER.

Also, we ask they go to a home that have been a bunparent(s) before or to a home that are fully aware how to take care of a bunny from what they can/can’t eat, they need to be free roam, NOT caged, and definitely NOT to be kept outside.  They are prey animals and are very domesticated.

We will also provide:  A clear playpen that we do keep them in at night for bedtime.  Another playpen that’s easier to use when traveling or to block the stairs if needed.  Two play castle for them to play and hide (both two stories).  Their litter box and a TokiHut that’s also a home with a litter inside that we put in the living room corner for them to use when they free-roam.  3-4 TokiHut mats that we use for them to binky and zoomie since we have hardwood floor.  Their carrier.  And extra toys and hays/treats we may have for them depending how long they’ll find a new home.

Serious inquiry only.  Shipping is not available.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out.  Thank you.

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