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  • Florida, United States
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Bunnyland305 is one of the few fully Certified Rabbitry in the State of Florida.

Our bunnies are additionally bred for a good temperament – having a bunny with a sweet disposition is always a delight! We do not use bunnies with aggressive, territorial, or otherwise difficult temperaments, nor do we breed any genetically unsound animals or ones with poor health or mothering instincts. We value traits such as high fertility and excellent mothering instincts and are fortunate to have bunnies that are excellent pets, breeders, and mothers.

Among the breeds that you will find with us are: English Angoras, Netherland Dwarf, Holland lop, Mini Lionhead, Rex, Harlequin, and other bunnies they all are very friendly and sweet.

We are registered and affiliated with many other rabbit specialty clubs such as:

The American Rabbit Breeding Association (ARBA)
American Netherland Dwarf Rabbit Club
Holland Lop Specialty Club
National Angora Rabbit Breeders Club
North American Lionhead Rabbit Club
The British Rabbit Council
American Harlequin Rabbit Club

For information on breeds availability contact us and we will be glad to help you.

To increase Disability Awareness we know how much you care for your loved ones and to help you along the way since we know bunnies are amazing therapeutic pets, We offer you 15% OFF adoption fees.

Prices for babies start at $25 for Regular Size Americans and Dutch Rabbits.
We are located in Miami 33126…

For pictures and information on how to take care of our bunnies visit our Instagram page:

Instagram BUNNYLAND305

Thank you for choosing us.

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33126,Florida,United States

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