• February 24, 2022 12:25 am
  • California, United States

Lion Head
– They all have blue eyes except the all black one (brown eyes)

– 3 all white & 1 white with dot are Female

– All black & Black with white dot are Male

– They’re from a loving house with spoiled parents so they are very healthy and happy !
– Each bunny will come with a bag of alfalfa hay
– I will provide info on affordable place to get bunny’s supplies for you as well as clinic for cheap price.
– Please do not buy bunny as a pet for your children. Bunnies are amazing creatures who requires a lot of attention and care !
– Please do not buy bunny if you’re going to put them in small cage their whole life ( Bunnies which are fixed can 100% potty trained and they need space to exercise and play)


8271 20th street, Westminster, Ca 92783,92683,California,United States

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