• August 31, 2022 10:22 pm
  • Pennsylvania, United States

2 year old fun, loving, playful rabbit! His first owners gave him a room all to himself to run around in. We adopted him from a shelter in Harrisburg pa. We just got word that the house we are renting are selling it and now our new place we had to find quickly does not allow pets. We will miss our bunny greatly! He comes with hay, bunch of toys, snacks, large cage! He is litter box trained, loves other animals (he plays with our cat we adopted at the same time) and is great with our 3 year old daughter! He loves to be free range running around our home and jumps and lays in your lap loving cuddles! He is so wonderful and great! Wanting him to go to a home that has time to enjoy him not just sit in a cage. Due to his previous owners always having him indoors, he will not withstand the outdoors. Please serious enquirers! We would love for you to meet him and watch how he loves our home Summerivyrose99@gmail.com

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