• March 11, 2023 8:11 pm
  • Kentucky, United States

Olive & Opal are a very cute bonded pair of holland lop bunny’s they are both 2 years old and are the sweetest! Both of them are spayed and neuter and have all of their health needs check. They must be taken together and come with 3 tunnels 2 hiddie house two water bowls all of their food and toys grooming supplies a litter box and all of it supplies and more so the price will be debatable. My contact info is 859-516-4605 and other then that here are a few things about the buns Olive (white one): Olive is the sweetest boy he love cuddles and pets and will easily get used to you and learns to love you he love apple and will always run up to you when you come near him!  Opal (grey one): Opal is a quite girl and she is very shy but she will get used to you very quickly! Unlike her bother she prefers not to be pet but she still love all the attention and is a big fan of grapes! I hope that you can love these bunny’s as much as I do and that you can be there new family!

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