• November 10, 2022 1:20 pm
  • Florida, United States

Purebred Holland Lop orange doe.
She was born in 2020 and we have her pedigree to email to her new owner. She’s a gorgeous color, brindled on the outside of her coat and creamy underneath.
She’s nervous around younger kids. A huge plus is that she lets you know through her behavior when she’s not in the mood to be handled, and we put her back in the cage and/or avoid her face when she’s feeling scared or grumpy to avoid nipping. When she’s in a happy mood she’s snuggly and likes to climb up in my 8 year old daughter’s lap. She’d be better in a home with older handlers or good supervision for younger handlers.
My teenaged son bought her to start a rabbit breeding business and then lost interest. She’s used to being an outdoor bunny in a shady spot in our yard. Located in South Lakeland.
$30 obo


33813,Florida,United States

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