• May 11, 2023 12:21 am
  • Alabama, United States

(If you have any questions you can DM me on discord my discord is Summer#1721 you have to have the S capitalized! and when you message me just say its about the rabbit so I know who or what I’m talking about please and thank you!) This *MALE* lionhead rabbit is a beautiful Milky Tan with a white belly and chest he has a white mark on the top of his head. he is very kind and loving he is some what potty trained but not really he knows how to do 1 trick which is a spin/turn around in a circle he follows ur finger while doing the circle. he is 1 years old he has already been named. his name is Thumper, I wouldn’t suggest changing or naming him something different the outcomes will be that he probably won’t respond to a new name. he loves to have his harness on and go for walks in the yard. he has gotten a bath before and if you do give him a bath use baby shampoo and not get his face or ears wet he really likes playing in water if its half and half of warm/cold but more on the warm side. he is very loving and playful. he loves to dress up and were a sweater. his teeth have to be done monthly or they will get overgrown and hurt him or do worser damage same with his nails tho he can get a infection if youll just let his nails get overgrown causing a disease that could really harm and kill him.

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