• May 23, 2024 1:36 am
  • Colorado, United States

Me and my wife are going to be moving to georgia and regrettably can no longer take care of these two bunnies.

We have one male New Zealand named Thumper.  He was born September 25th, 2023 so hes about 8 months old and hes all white with pink eyes.  Hes been neutered and hes a sweetheart.  Weve had him since he was 1 month old and he has become quite the lover.  He likes to lick and he will jump into your lap for some pets.

The second rabbit is his sister from another mother named Nox.  She takes after her mom more and not the New Zealand dad and her moms breed is a bit unknown.  She was born January 8th so shes still considered a baby untill shes about 6 month old.  Shes black but under enough light you can see some deep brown hiding under her black coat with brown eyes and way bigger ears in comparison to her body.  She lived the barn life for 2.5 months before we took her in so shes a bit more wild.  She hasnt been spayed yet so she gets a bit frisky once a month thinking thumper can do something to quell that urge.  She will nest and everything thinking she has a litter on the way.  Once she turns 6 months old then the vet will take her in to be spayed so sometime in July.

Really just looking for someone who will give them both a good home and lost of space for them to run around in.  Idealy rabbits should have lost of room so they dont get boared and unfortunately we dont have the space here and after we move we definitely wont have the space in an apartment.  Rabbits are very social animals and ours very much enjoys spending time around others.  They are very curious and playful and when they  have room to run and jump and binky they definitely go at it.

The price is negotiable.  It will include a lot of their current stuff, at least as much of it as you need.  Getting everything they need is the hardest part.  We went through many different hutches and playpens before we found things that work best so your welcome to pick and choose what you want.

If your interested you can Text me at 720-600-3704 but please be able to provide them a good home.  Thats all me and my wife want most for them.


S Buckley Rd & E Smoky Hill Rd,80015,Colorado,United States

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