• August 24, 2022 9:37 pm
  • Florida, United States

They are paired 8 month old female dwarf bunnies, litter trained. When they are not grooming one another they enjoy bananas and to hop around my apartment. They love to free roam but have a very large fully customizable cage, which comes with extra pieces so you can build it your own, it even has extra carpet for the bottom so your floor is protected! They have 2 litter boxes, special rugs for underneath their living quarters, extra beddings, 3 different bowls for food and 3 different hay feeders. I cannot count how many toys they have but it is a lot! They have a few hide away places and extra carpet prices for them to burrow. They have also have about 2 months worth of hay! Taking them home means creating whatever bunny haven you would like because you will have all the supplies you need! I have spent over $650 to create their penthouse, you can adopt them and recreate whatever home you’d like with all of the materials for $200 as I am moving and need them adopted by a loving person asap. Only someone ready to take them home text threethreezero7eightfive6twoxx

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