• March 2, 2024 5:27 pm
  • California, United States

Hi everyone!

We have four adorable Holland Lop bunnies, otherwise known as Dwarf Lops, looking for loving homes in early February. Mom is 3 pounds and dad is 2.5 pounds fully grown, so these babies will most likely be under 3 pounds as well (this breed averages between 2-4 pounds). They do great in pairs, but are fine on their own. Very low maintenance, but also so intelligent and so much fun!! They make amazing emotional support animals (which is why we originally got mom and dad). We paid a small fortune for ours, but are giving these loves away for free to good homes 💕 I wish we could keep them all, but four is our max and we have officially hit that mark. We have a brown, grey and white, and grey available.


93065,California,United States

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